Our New Website!

Welcome to our new site!

We just wanted to let you know what to expect from our new site.  Our new site is integrated with our brand new plant database.  Because of this you will be able to get a lot more information from our site than ever before.

Here’s what to expect:

See a live list of what plants we will have each season.

You can now see when plants are available or sold out! (but we still recommend you give a call before coming to the greenhouse since the availability will only upload once a day and someone can come buy everything before the updates happen)

Also, you can see the prices and sizes of all of our plants.

Our new news and knowledge section is our blog section where we will share useful plant information with you and important shopping information.

Here’s what to expect in the future:

Pictures and descriptions of all of our 4000 varieties of plants! (as you can imagine it may take us a while to build our database since we are starting from scratch but when its done you will love it!)

We are glad you’re here, spend some time and look around a while, we look forward to seeing you this spring at our greenhouse!