At Baker’s Acres we are committed to getting through this COVID crisis together.  We have implemented a lot of changes around the greenhouse to keep us all safe. We’re doing lots of sanitizing and cleaning, such as wiping down our register areas every 30 mins and

Here are some simple new things  you can follow when shopping with us to help us keep you and our staff safe and healthy!

  1. Follow all parking lot procedures: We have limited the amount of parking spaces to reflect our shopping capacity, if you arrive and there are no parking spaces remaining, please wait for a spot or return at another time.  DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS OR DOUBLE PARK.
  2. Please take clean shopping carts from the cart corral near the greenhouse. (It is labeled) Leave your cart in the parking lot so we know to clean them.
  3. Follow all directional arrows for traffic flow in the greenhouse.
  4. Maintain social distancing practices, keep 6′ from you and other customers as well as our employees.
  5. We encourage credit cards and check use at this time.
  6. Please try to keep your questions to a minimum as we are trying to limit our staffs exposure to the general public.
  7. WEAR A MASK if you are able to.
  8. Follow all check out procedures, stay behind the plexiglass, stand near the chip reader terminals while we sort out your cart.
  9. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK! Wash and sanitize your hands before arrival.
  10. Our public restroom is closed. Our playground is also closed.