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March Hours: Monday – Saturday 9-5 // Sunday 10-4

April Hours: Monday – Friday 9-7 // Sat-Sun 9-6 // Easter Sunday 9-4

May Hours: Monday-Saturday 9-8 // Sunday 9-6 // Memorial Day 9-4

… All Night Extravaganza: May 2oth 6pm-9pm (10% off all plant material!)

June Hours: Monday-Friday 9-7//Saturday-Sunday 9-5

Special Events and Programs

The annual Perennial Extravaganza: 10% OFF Perennials and Shrubs

Saturday April 26 9am – 12pm// Join us for a very special sale on all perennials and shrubbery on Saturday 4/26. This sale starts promptly at 9 and ends promptly at 12 noon.  We will have free coffee and donuts to enjoy as you browse the sale.   We hope you join us for this awesome special!

All Night Extravaganza or NQANE (for those of you who prefer acronyms)
This year’s Extravaganza, the 114th annual is May 20th from 6-9. For those of you who are unaware of this incredible event, it’s a great big party at night in the greenhouse and, since it’s at night and kinda dark, we string loads of lights everywhere and hope the fuses don’t blow, which they sometimes do. The lovely Alexandria Ladies will be serving delicious and nutritious food at absolutely no cost to you or your loved ones. This year’s entertainment will probably feature the musical and vocal stylings of The Hip Replacements, perhaps the greatest rock and roll band in the history of music… perhaps not, but they are pretty darn good, especially the keyboard player.
You’re probably saying to yourself, “That sounds just like every other ‘Not Quite All Night Extravaganza’ with free food and Jamburger.” But wait, there’s more! All plants are 10% off the regular price. Holy Guacamole! Be sure to mark the date so you don’t miss this amazing event.

Senior Day

Every Wednesday in March – June is senior citizens day (62 and older) and you get 10% OFF;  just a reminder you gotta tell us thats what you’re there for because we are too polite to ask!

Feed Me Seymour
In April, May and June we get really hungry and none of us have time to bake so we’re willing to trade food for flowers. Oddly enough, we call this the ‘Food For Flowers’ program. We will gladly issue you $10 in Baker Bucks for one of the following: a cake, a pie, 3 dozen cookies, or a coffee cake. Additionally, food that is actually healthful and non-fattening will be accepted if it doesn’t require
heat or cold to keep it that way. Finger food would be helpful. All items must be homemade and you must call for a sign- up date. Please limit your offerings to no more than twice per month to be fair to all. Also, if possible, we would love to have the recipe. We can’t tell you how much joy this brings us even though we have to go through withdrawal in July.

Bus Tours
We seem to have become a destination for garden clubs, horticulture classes, Master Gardener groups and other various gardening gangs. If your group would like a tour, just call us to set up a time (please, no weekends in May). There are several good restaurants in nearby Granville if you’re looking to add lunch to the trip. We can handle anything from a van full to a busload or two so bring ‘em on.